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Arianna is quickly gaining a growing audience and has already won the praise and acknowledgments of many. Here are just a few…

  • Arianna Fox is one spectacular young lady. Her vivacity and enthusiasm are compelling every time I have contact with her. However, her strengths go well beyond the standard energetic child’s allure. She’s an extremely articulate, intelligent young lady who understands how to motivate people in the best possible way. Her unquenchable social interaction and her communication skills make her an extremely effective communicator. And having seen her at numerous professional networking events promoting her family business with her parents, business cards always at the ready, she’s always held her own in the company of adults without losing her endearing qualities as a typical youngster. If you’re looking for a young person who can engage, inspire and entertain people of all ages, Arianna Fox is definitely your choice. I highly recommend her.

    Spectacular MARK REEVE, Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc.
  • In my work establishing networking groups I have experienced many different professionals that speak to promote their businesses. In my experience I have never seen a young person at her engage, speak, and hold the interest of those around her.  Arianna Fox engages with vigor and enthusiasm. In my opinion this young entrepreneur has the potential to be a great speaker, and will be a leader in whichever industry she pursues.  I look forward to watching her grow in her career.

    Going to be an incredible leader KEN LAROSA, Regional Director of Master Networks Delaware Maryland
  • Ari’s title with Splash Designworks is Jr. Marketing Director, but they made a slight mistake there. It should be Mega Marketing Director! I have never met a more delightful, bright, cheerful, and professional – she knows her stuff! – ten year old. This idea of having her mentor and inspire others is a natural. Tony Robbins … look out! I shall not be surprised if she is soon globe hopping inspiring our troops! I could not be more enthusiastic in encouraging any group or organization to take advantage of the opportunity presented with Arianna’s Big Ideas Kids Coaching. This no doubt will be as much a learning experience for her as for the fortunate children and adults with whom she will interact.

    Mega marketing director KEN ABRAHAM, Citizens for Criminal Justice, Dover DE
  • When it comes to talent and professionalism, Arianna is light years ahead of your average Tween. Her ability to confidently give presentations in front of other professionals is second to none.

    Light years ahead ARIC CARNEY, Regional Sales Manager, SOLAR CITY
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