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Executive Kids

I’m sure the name of this article probably got your attention. Executive kids are the next generation of business and business owners, and not many people recognize that. It is vital for kids and children to know executive and business skills, to learn how to be an entrepreneur when they grow up, or even become one as a child! The next generation of business – kids – would be kind of like this picture, if it were to happen: A kid in an executive business suit, with paperwork, walking out of a big business building, with a phone in hand, talking to some business partner or client. Here at Big Ideas Kid Coaching, we inspire kids to succeed, and help make that next generation of business owners come sooner, by equipping – teaching – kids on how to succeed, personally, and in business.

“Executive kids?” Says Trisha Fox with award-winning creative ad agency Splash! Designworks, “That’s kind of a big idea.” Also I no doubt caught the reference to Big Ideas Kid Coaching.

Another thing I noticed is that kids are not getting much business education in schools. They’re getting a daily dose (except for the weekend) of every other kind of education, but business is not regularly taught in schools – of Delaware, at least.

If you want your kid – or you want to; it depends on who’s reading this article right now – to succeed, you’ve came to the right place, to offer business education.

Written by Arianna Fox

Arianna FoxExecutive Kids
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Time to Inspire

Inspiring kids and youth, from pre-teen (tween) to teenage kids, is very important. A lot of kids don’t really have any child role models to look at and learn from them how they too can be successful. Kids don’t get much business advice or knowledge from schools, and it’s a crucial thing to have expertise on how to excel at business. It’s always good to have kids succeed.

I know that there are a lot of mean people out there, especially bullies in school, and we are here to inspire kids to be brave and stand up to those mean people, and obstacles that stop them from achieving their dreams. Here at Big Ideas Kid Coaching, we make sure kids can achieve their dreams and their goals. We want to inspire kids to succeed and not discourage them.

“So many people seem to have a knack to discourage others,” Mike Fox, owner and CEO of award-winning Delaware graphic design company Splash! Designworks says, “Why not stand out from the crowd and inspire?”

Here at Big Ideas Kid Coaching, we inspire kids to succeed, just like our tag line says. We inspire personally and in business, so that the kids can succeed in business and personally.

So, I think it’s time to inspire. Don’t you? I think it’s time to inspire kids to succeed – and that’s exactly what we do.

Written by Arianna Fox

Arianna FoxTime to Inspire
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