April 2019

12-Year-Old Speaker Arianna Fox Dazzles Lake Forest High

Mike and Trisha Fox of Splash Designworks interview their daughter/Jr. Marketing Director/Social Samurai/12-year-old inspirational speaker and author, Arianna Fox, about her latest speaking event at Lake Forest High School.

Ari in front of the crowd at LFHS

Splash: So Arianna, you just had a speaking event on March 27th. Tell us about that.

Arianna: I’m so excited that I got to speak at Lake Forest High School in Felton, Delaware. It was an epic speaking event and definitely a success!

The awesome audience at LFHS

Splash: That’s awesome! So, about how many students were at the event?

Arianna: I got to speak to around 600 students! That was the biggest audience I’ve spoken to so far.

Epic audience at LFHS

Splash: Wow! What was it like to speak in front of that many people?

Arianna: Well, I naturally have no fear of public speaking, so it was awesome and thrilling to be up there. I will say I got a bit nervous during the introduction, but when it was my time to speak, all my nervousness just faded away! It was amazing, though, to talk to so many people and touch lives.

Totally responsive audience at LFHS

Splash: When you speak at an event like this, you bring such energy, excitement and enthusiasm with you, and you definitely share that with your audience. Did you feel that this audience was sharing in that enthusiasm and excitement? That they were right there with you and were really getting it? Any positive feedback, etc.?

Arianna: Great question! Yes, this audience was definitely one of the most enthusiastic audiences I’ve spoken to. Although they were a bit boisterous, they really seemed to catch the ideas, principles and the messages that I was speaking about. This audience gave the most amount of feedback, both during my speech and afterward. I really feel most of them shared my enthusiasm.

Having an epic time speaking at LFHS

Splash: So, what is your favorite part about being an inspirational speaker?

Arianna: While just being up on the stage and speaking to everyone would be one of my favorite parts, I’m going to have to say my favorite part of inspirational speaking is being able to touch lives and plant a seed of inspiration in their hearts. It’s as I like to say, “Shine. Shine a light. Light a spark. Spark a fire.

Telling emotional stories at LFHS

Splash: Whenever you have a speaking event, we know that you put in tons of effort and hard work in preparing for the event. What’s involved in that process and what is the hardest part of that process?

Arianna: Well, when I first get started in the process, I research out where I’m speaking. For example, if it’s at a high school, I’ll research out the high school and see what they’re about. Then I’d research the age range I’m speaking to, and what might be going on in their lives. After a lot more research for illustrative stories, activities, subjects, etc., I would then start to create the notes/script/outline for the speech. But the hardest part, I’d say, is the memorizing and practicing process. That takes the most amount of work, time and energy – but all the hard work adds up to make a successful speech.

Having fun with the students at LFHS

Splash: Well, your hard work definitely paid off and this was an amazing event! How does it feel when you finish speaking at an event, when you know you rocked it, and that all that hard work and effort resulted in a successful event? And even more, how does it feel knowing you’ve encouraged and inspired young people to hang on to their dreams and never give up, no matter what obstacles they may face in their lives?

Arianna: It feels amazing. I always feel like I accomplished this amazing, awesome feat when I finish a speaking event and rock it. And it’s even more incredible knowing I changed lives – even changing just one life makes all the hard work worth it for me.

You Rock Dream Big and You Got This

Splash: What is your mantra and one main idea you like to leave with all of your audiences?

Arianna: My mantra that I say at the end of every speaking event is, “You Rock, Dream Big and You Got This!” And for my one main idea, it’s that you can achieve your dreams no matter what comes in your path. I like to tell people that “You Only Fail if You Give Up” – mistakes are just a part of the journey. Just dust off, fix those mistakes, and get right back to your dream and your passion. I know that nothing can stop you if you have the passion! So – You Rock, Dream Big and You Got This!

Splash: That’s awesome! So how can businesses, schools, organizations, churches, etc. book you to speak at their events?

Arianna: You can book me to speak by visiting www.ariannafox.com or www.bigideaskc.com. You can also email us at afox@bigideaskc.com and afox@ariannafox.com, or call us at (302) 399-7851. I’m also on all social media channels: Facebook as Arianna Fox and Big Ideas Kid Coaching/@bigideaskc, Twitter as Arianna Fox/@bigideaskc, and Instagram as Arianna Fox/@afoxauthor. For my writing/author side, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter as Arianna Fox/@afoxauthor. Be sure to follow me on all social media channels and check the website frequently for the latest news, upcoming events and new books!

Splash: In addition to being an inspirational speaker, you are also a two-time published author. Tell us briefly what your books are about and how people can purchase them.

Arianna: Absolutely! My first book is called “The Princess Chronicles,” and it’s a children’s book about these princesses who are friends, and they’re learning kindness, friendship, honesty, trust and teamwork. My second book is a sci-fi novel for teens, tweens, young adults and adults, and it’s called “False Awakening.” It’s about a man who’s in a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. He joins a Rebellion and fights against an evil tyrant. You can purchase my books (signed by the author) by going to www.ariannafox.com, or you can get them without the signature on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Also, “False Awakening” is available on paperback and as a Kindle book.

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Splash: You’ll also be doing a book signing in May. Tell us about that.

Arianna: Yes! I will be having a book signing on May 4, 2019, at Barnes & Noble in the Christiana Mall (Newark, DE). It will be from 11am-3pm, and it will be mainly for my book “False Awakening.” I am so excited! Please bring your friends and family for this awesome book signing!

Here is what the students at Lake Forest High School are saying about Arianna’s inspiring speech:

Arianna Fox is a 12-year-old girlpreneur, author and inspirational speaker. She has been on WBOC DelmarvaLife TV, has spoken at the Microsoft-sponsored DigiGirlz event, and is a national award winner.

She may come in a small package, but her ideas are as revolutionary as they are wide-reaching. For several years now, Arianna has devoted her life and much of her time to reaching out to others to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and self-confidence. Making a positive impact upon others and helping them rock their lives to maximum potential is part of this upcoming girlpreneur’s goal for her interactions with kids, her fellow tweens, teens, adults, and all.

Arianna Fox12-Year-Old Speaker Arianna Fox Dazzles Lake Forest High
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