February 2017

The Trek of Success

Have you ever heard the phrase, “climb the ladder of success”? You probably might’ve heard that before in talk of entrepreneurial success in business and maybe even personal success. But there’s a reason it’s a ladder and not an escalator. Escalators just escalate you; all you have to do on those is just stand on them and you automatically go up. A ladder is something you have to climb. You may very well slip down a few steps, but you will always continue to succeed, provided you do the right steps.


This was a quote by Zig Ziglar, a very famous author, salesman, and a motivational speaker:

Success is like a ladder, and no one has ever climbed a ladder with both hands in their pockets.” – Zig Ziglar

I made two quotes that I hope will encourage you (other than the picture)

If you believe, you can achieve.” You can’t achieve if you can’t believe that you can do it.

Sometimes the right path isn’t always the easiest path. So many people resort to the easiest path, because they’re too lazy to try something new. But the right path isn’t always the easiest one, and if you want to take the right path, put more comfortable shoes on because you’re going for a ride.” This one was a little longer, just because I didn’t want it to be a cute, little phrase to just repeat as a mantra. This one is something you can try to remember as a serious quote to you.

Remember that you can succeed, but you can’t succeed with both hands in your pockets. You must help other people who may start out as people who don’t know how to succeed and needs help, and just that in itself will help you succeed.

I like to think of success as a trek through the forest, or more like hiking up a mountain. Sometimes you may backslide, but with your own efforts and the help of others you will get back on track. My parents always help me get back on track, with success and everything else. It’s a great thing to have friends in business who like to help you out when you slip one step down the ladder.


This is also a quote from the Big Ideas Kid Coaching Team, saying:

The Sun’s out so rise and shine, because it’s your time to shine. So… what are you waiting for?” That’s the question, isn’t it? What are you waiting for?

Arianna FoxThe Trek of Success
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